My name is Aidan Kowalski, President of BP Fanatic and I have a passion for baseball. In my playing days I was a starting pitcher and outfielder for the Roswell High School Varsity team. After graduating in 2017 I chose to attend Auburn University where I am currently studying Industrial Engineering. I am also the play by play and color radio broadcaster for Auburn Soccer and Volleyball on WEGL 91.1 FM. I created this business to experience what it is like to become an entrepreneur and I'll tell you that I am having a great time in doing so! You can expect to find me at SunTrust Park next season trying to snag baseballs with my BP Retriever. 

How did you come up with the idea?

One day during batting practice at Turner Field I noticed many baseball fell into the space between the outfield wall and seats. I thought to myself, how can I design a device to capture all of these unclaimed baseballs. After going home and testing different methods, I finally found something similar to what the BP Retriever is today. The idea to start a business came just a couple months later when I realized there is this undiscovered market for baseball fans and ballhawks. Thanks to everyone's support, BP Fanatic is still growing and my retrieving device is becoming popularized among many fans.  

Where are you located?

BP Fanatic headquarters is located NE of Atlanta.

What is your favorite MLB Team?

The Atlanta Braves (who could've guessed)

This is me with my first prototype of the BP Retriever! (me when I was 15)


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